Sunday, November 24, 2013

Week 12: Prompt 3

My dearest boyfriend,
I met the most amazing person last week, named Angelica. She actually cared what I had to say, she listened to all my thoughts and desires. When I was sad, she held me. When I laughed, she laughed also. When I was quiet and enjoyed the silence, she held my hand and enjoyed it with me. At first I thought that she would make a great friend, but the more attention she showed me, the more attractive she became to me. I needed to talk to you, and you weren't there, but when I called her, she picked up the phone. She never doubts me, and finds the silver linings in my failures. I met someone last week, and she is better then you. I am sorry you have to find out this way, trust me, these feeling are new to me as well. I don't know where it will lead, or if she is "The One", but I know that with her, I am willing to find out.
Your Girlfriend

Week 12: Prompt 2

I had followed him for months. I had endured the long car trips, the shitty food, and the sparse bathrooms breaks, but it had been the best summer of my life. I had followed Twisted Sister across their whole American tour, and was the last stop. Tonight was my night, I was determined that Dee Snider would notice me. During the concert, I sipped my beer, while bobbing in and out of the frenzied crowd. My eyes followed Dee's every move as he gyrated and belted out the songs, his crazy blonde hair whipping sweat across his face. I danced my way across the edge of the stage until I came face to face with security. The big, meaty man in front of me straightened and tightened his crossed arms. I smiled coyly and let the beer slip from my hands. I gasped and slowly bent down to grab it, taking my time to stand back up. The guard was obviously pleased with what he saw, and he gestured me into back stage. The concert was winding down, and I picked my way amongst the mess to find Dee's room. A group of equally slutty girls were waiting outside, I grabbed a polo shirt that was hanging on an empty rack and quickly pulled it on. A quick glance in the mirror told me I looked official. I approached the girls and informed them that Dee would be meeting people in the common room down the hall. Eagerly, they skittered away. I entered Dee's room and waited. Tonight, was my night.

Week 12: Prompt 1

1. Walk away slowly
2. Walk away fast
3. Pick a fight and run out the door
4. Shoot him in the ass
5. Sneak away when he is at work
6. Cheat on him with someone else
7. Tell him you don't love him anymore
8. Tell him he's a dork
9. Throw his stuff out the window
10. Burn his clothes in the yard
11. Take him out to eat and leave him with the check
12. Drop him off at the bus station
13. Say you hate the way he chews
14. Tell him he's bad in bed
15. "It's not you, it's me"
16. Move out so you can "find yourself"
17. Change the locks
18. Never admit your wrong
19. Say you never loved him in the first place
20. I'm just not ready to settle down
21. "Honey, I'm gay"
22. Tell him he is too nice
23. I am not good enough for you
24. We need some space
25. I'm too young and haven't experienced enough things
26. Get him in trouble so he goes to jail
27. You're not Mr. Right, just Mr. Right-Now
28. Blame it on his religion or lack there of
29. Tell him he is ugly
30. Say you imagined your dream husband looking and acting like the exact opposite of him
31. Tell him "I think you love me more then I love you"
32. I'm looking for a long term relationship, just not with you
33. All my friends at the gay bar encourage me to go through the sex change, do you?
34. You remind me of my dead ex-husband... Let's get married
35. I'm dying...and I can't ask you to watch me slowly fade away....Please, go now and remember me as I am
36. Remember when I asked you out?? Well.... I was talking to the guy behind you
37. God said that you are not the one
38. My parents don't like you
39. Tell him you want a baby
40. Let's just be friends
41. Look at my horoscope! "...a new love in your life..." Well, gotta follow my guiding star...
42. Goodbye. I don't want to see you again. Goodbye, I don't even wanna be your friend. So get out now before I call security.
43. “I love you but sometimes love isn’t enough.”
44. “I can’t see a future with you.”
45. Take a job out of state and don't invite him
46. "I hate you!"47. Act like a bitch until he dumps you
48. Be overly clingy and needy until he can't stand it
49. Say you joined a cult
50. Change your Facebook status to "Single"

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Week 11 Theme--when words mean something beyond themselves

The icy cold wind seemed to almost bite at my exposed skin. I huddled closer within my coat and pulled my hat down farther over my eyes, so all I could see was the ground on which I walked. I knew I was following a straight line since there was a sidewalk beneath my feet. The woman next to me continued to talk, but all I could hear was the whistling of the winds and my own teeth chattering in my mouth. We reached the entrance to the apartment, and quickly hurried upstairs. Even though we had left the heat on, the whole place seemed to echo with a stinging cold. I settled into the couch and started when I heard a crash from the kitchen. Alarmed, I ran to investigate. She sat on the floor, holding her foot and moaning about a stubbed toe. I smiled and kissed her lips. The rooms finally felt warm, the heat must have finally kicked on.

Week 11: Prompt 3


He prepared to follow that lane.

The sun shone brightly near the horizon, as the sun was slowly setting in the distance. He knew that he had to get going if he wanted to make it in time. He debated packing some things to bring with him, but he knew the journey would not be that long, so he didn't bother. He quickly penned a note to his family, so that they would know where he had gone. He stepped from his home and began hobbling towards the setting sun, trying to hurry as fast as he could. He came upon a lane that seemed to go directly into the middle of the orange sun. The sun was now only half visible as it was quickly becoming obscured by the landscape. The man hobbled faster, the closer he got to the sun, his limp lessened. Just before he met the sun's rays and was enveloped in the splendor, he was running. He ran with open arms into the bright rays.

Week 11: Prompt 2


As a child, my father always had his trusty tool at his side. A hammer. That hammer built many things.

The house we lived in until I moved out

A barn for my horse Fudge, to keep her warm at night. Even though he insisted that horses were the most useless pet in the world, that hammer still went to work.

My playhouse, where many great and imaginary adventures happened. 

As I grew older, he even built me a cedar chest to store all my greatest treasures, so that I could go back and relish in my youthful objects.

A crib for my first child, the hand worn edges were evident of all the use it received. 

Week 11: Prompt 1

Uncle Henry's:
"Golf Clubs .Full set of ladies right handed . For ladies 5'8"or shorter . SW through 6I . Tree hybrids 19,22,25 .1 and 3 woods , and a nice mallet style putter with cover . Cart bag that has insulated pocket for ice pack . Comes with a bunch of new ladies golf balls too . I bought these for like $300 3 or 4 yrs ago for my wife and she used them maybe 1/2 a doz times . Been in storage ever since ."

Most women would love for their husband to have some activity where he gets away from the house and leaves her alone. However, my husband is the exception. One time, I caught him cheating on me. He said he was gonna go to the golf course, but I knew better. I followed him, and low and behold, he was at her house. Well, the minute he got home, he got the biggest whopping of his life. I didn't leave him because it's not like someone else would love me. I am 5'5 and 195lbs, I got lots of "curves" on me. So I decided to stay, but I insisted on going with him to golf. Man, you should have seen the look of terror on his face. He looked like he had swallowed a canary. Surprisingly, he went out and bought me a club set, and I did my best to find my most embarrassing and provocative outfit that would accent "the girls". The first couple times we were at golf, I used the club more as lean post, and when he wasn't looking, I dug a hole in the green with my toe (that's a faux pas, right?). Eventually, I decided that my talents were better suited at the clubhouse, with a long island ice tea in my hand. Languidly, I sipped at the drink, while watching my husband from afar. From then on, my version of golf was my favorite past time. I'd sling that bag over my shoulder, make a couple laps around the clubhouse until I built up a sweat, then sit inside with an ice cold drink in hand. 

Week 10: Distance, Framing, Alienation

The eve of Christmas, most families go to church or sit around a tree opening pajamas to wear Christmas morning. That Christmas eve,  I sat in my drab and dimly lit apartment, alone. My thoughts were the only thing I had, and they were doing little to comfort me. I sighed and swiped underneath my eyes, both fingers were covered in black, goopey mascara. Outside, it began to snow and the wind whistled and howled as it swept through the trees out back. Normally, such a night would have been perfect for a windowsill reading and a hot cup of caramel vanilla tea. A few hours later, I had moved to the couch. I was curled up in the fetal position, while tears quietly escaped my eyes and added to the dark puddle already on the couch. Suddenly, my phone vibrated. Fear leapt into my throat and momentarily I could not breathe. I inched my fingers towards the phone and flipped it open. One new text message. I opened the phone with closed eyes. Determinedly, I opened my eyes to read the message, it said "She is gone, I'm so sorry".

Monday, November 4, 2013

Week 10: Prompt 3

Our typical Sunday consisted of watching tv and cuddling on the couch. As I flip through the channels trying to find our favorite show, The Walking Dead, I glance at you. You are texting, so immersed in your phone you don't even notice my gaze. I squint my eyes and make out the name of your texting recipient. It says nicole. My breath catches in my throat, but I keep quiet. I peel my eyes from your phone and look at the tv and gently call your attention to our show. You pretend to put the phone away, but I know better. That night, as you sleep next to me, gently snoring, I stew in anger. You leave for work the next day and I pretend to be asleep, you don't even try to kiss me goodbye. The minute your car leaves the driveway, I hop out of bed and quickly pack my things into my car. Then I wait for you to return, relishing the words I will say. I hear the car door slam and the crunch of your boots across the gravel driveway, your key scrapes as you unlock the door. You enter the apartment and I hear you swear and your pace quickens as you enter the bedroom. Your eyes sweep around, listing all of the things that are missing from the room. Finally your gaze settles on me. "You said you would always be faithful but, but, how was I supposed to know that you meant not faithful to me but to her?"

Week 10: Prompt 2

The figure lumbers towards me, a gaping open mouth is all I see. The fingers are outstretched and the eyes are vacant as they stare beyond me. Instinctively, I pick up the closest item towards me. It is a large tree branch. It feels heavy in my hand and I slowly bounce and twist it in my hand finding the perfect grip. Sweat drips down my forehead and into my eyes. I am so glued on the figure that I do not take the time to wipe it away. The swear stings my eyes and makes me blink. When I open my eyes again, the figure is closer then I anticipated, I raise the tree branch....and then I woke up and it was only a dream.

Week 10: Prompt 1

I open and close my mouth, words do not come out. I twiddle my thumbs instead, and nervously twist my hair. The nerves are driving me crazy. The ugly brown hospital socks itch my feet and I nervously rub them together to ease my restless leg syndrome. I softly sing the tune to Jeopardy. I can't see my face, but I'm sure it is etched in fear and my pupils are like pins. The pain in my neck in unreal, and the swelling still refuses to go down. I'm sure when I am better, I will laugh at how much I look like Frankenstein. "All I need is bolts" I muse. The doctor comes in, a large needle is in his hand. As he prepares it, I turn to my mother, pleading her to help me. She smiles and nods at me. The doctor turns to me and grabs my face so that he can insert the needle into my neck. Suddenly, my mother grabs my hand and squeezes it as hard as she can. The needle pricks my skin, but I feel nothing.

Week 9: Vigenette

She looked at picture in a wedding magazine. The images within were soon snipped away and unceremoniously taped to a page in a scrap book. The girl stared at the images for a long while, then glanced in the mirror. A pimple face, braces and glasses wearing pre-teen stared back at her. She sighed and shoved the mop of brown hair back off her face. She had decided long ago that no one could possibly love her.
The doctor peered through the gigantic contraption, the girl stared back through it and could see that the doctor's face was magnified, as he twisted knobs, he became farther and farther away. The doctor leaned back and said, "How would you like me to fit you with contacts?". The girl squealed in delight.
She walked into school, her shoulders were held higher then normal, and the confidence in her head had radiated to her entire body. The minute she walked into her classroom, all eyes seemed to turn to her. It was as if every boy in her glass had finally seen her for who she was. She struck her most model like pose and smiled widely. 
She swiped the makeup brush on her cheek and then smiled at herself in the mirror. Satisfied with the result, she set the veil upon her head. Her face was smiling but her eyes were sad. She looked scared and lost. She hastened her resolve and marched to the waiting area where her father stood, ready to give her away.
The judge banged his gavel, and a paper was shoved into her hand. Dissolution of Marriage was emblazoned across the top of the papers. She looked up, he was gone. 

Week 9: Prompt 3

I came, I saw, I conquered

I sat in the shop, waiting for my car to be fixed. I listlessly flipped through a three year old magazine that had odd stains and splotches throughout the covers. The lady running the counter was something out of a movie. Bright red lipstick, curly hair that she twisted around her finger and lip smacking gum that irritated me to no end. I glanced back to my magazine more out of boredom then necessity. Suddenly a mechanic came out of the shop to talk to "Gum Smacker". He is tall and blonde with bright blue eyes. Dirt and grime is smeared across his face and hands which give him a rough look. When he is done talking to the woman, she whispers something back, and for a brief moment my ears can take a rest from the incessant gum chewing. When they finish their conversation, "Blue Eyes" glances over at me. He smiles and winks, the feeling in my chest is electric. Suddenly I awake from my daydreaming and glance over at the man sleeping next to me. He opens his blue eyes, then slowly smiles and winks at me.

Week 9: Prompt 2

You never know what you have until it's gone.

Everyday for breakfast my mom would feed me oatmeal. Everyday since I can remember, I have hated having oatmeal for breakfast. I would take drastic measures to try and avoid her daily serving of oatmeal, but she was smarter than I. She always seemed to be able to see through my little schemes. Eventually, I gave up. However, I dreamed of the day of when I lived on my own, and I could eat whatever I wanted. When I moved out, my first trip was to Walmart to pick up some groceries, and as you can imagine, oatmeal was not amongst them. That first morning, on my own, I sat down to a liberally filled bowl of Cap'n Crunch. After eating a few bites, I found that I missed that damn oatmeal.