Monday, December 9, 2013

Week 15: Choice one, Journal

The biting cold air is a welcome feeling, as I walk into the arena. The loud echoing of the announcer is almost like music to my ears. The benches around the arena are cold and wooden. I lay down my blanket and snicker at the people who are not prepared. I settle down onto my blanket, throw my hat over my head, and put my piping hot coffee between my gloved fingers. The players begin to come out onto the ice. The players benches are across from where I sit, and I can see my brother slam his mask shut and suck in his mouth guard with resolve, he is determined to win. The game begins and the distinct noise of the sport echo around the announcer as he screams the score and encourages the team. Suddenly, my brother has the puck, he skates wildly, dodging the away teams players. The away team rams him, as he falls, he flicks the puck with a small movement of his wrist. He falls onto the ice, but the puck is still moving. The goalie makes a decision and leaps, he chooses wrong. The fog horn blares and the screams echo.

Hymn after hymn fills the church. I try to stifle a yawn and keep lip syncing. Why in the world did I let my mother convince me to come to church? I flip through the hymnal to the next song and lament how long it seems to drag. Finally, the singing part is over, and I can return to my seat. I grab my bible and slowly flip through the pages. If my mother knew that I hadn't opened this since high school she would probably have an anuerism. Luckily I let my fingers do the walking and I was able to find the specific passages the preacher indicated without a problem. My mother glanced over and seemed happy that I had found the book of Judges without an issue. I smiled at her and whispered that I needed a pen and paper for notes. She willingly obliged and I was content to draw pictures and scribbles throughout the entire sermon.

Science sucks, it really does. Especially when your science teacher gives you an unknown disease and expects you to figure out what it is in 3 class days. I have done caltase tests, agar tests, stains, and I still have no clue. However, luckily my teacher is sympathetic and understands my plight, she has extended my time by one day. I have until tomorrow to correctly name this disease.

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  1. Good luck with your disease! I diagnosed myself this summer and here's what I got: hamstring pull + asthma. The doctors--what do they know!--came up with something different. They said double pulmonary embolism and a "nearly life-ending experience."

    Book of Judges is pretty dry! They need to sermonize from the Song of Solomon or Proverbs or Psalms or Job! Or some of the stranger parts of Genesis: Sodom, Hagar the handmaiden, Rachel and Leah, all that stuff.

    12/7 works as a vignette, but almost doesn't seem like a journal entry since you're only in it indirectly.